Armonia is a project partially funded by the Milan Institute for the Blind, developed by Mixel Scarl and designed by me. The concept of the game is creating multi-genre and multi-instrument music loops by repeating sequences of beats. It’s meant to be playable without looking at the screen.

The screen is divided into three buttons, each corresponding to an instrument. By repeating the correct rhythms the player accumulates a multiplier that is converted into points when the rhythm is repeated with the same instrument played by the computer. The core inspiration for Armonia is to build an experience that is easily sharable between sighted and visually impaired players. Armonia is on-hold at the studio, awaiting production.

The video concept above uses clips from Godfrey Reggio's masterpiece "Koyaanisqatsi" and Moray McLaren's "We Got Time" music video produced by Blinkink. The music is dynamic and composed for the game by Nicolò Sala.