Escape From the Aliens In Outer Space is a card game of strategy and bluff set on a badly damaged deep space research ship.Even worse: a mysterious alien plague has crept aboard and is transforming the human crew into horrendous monsters!

In Escape From the Aliens In Outer Space, each player assumes the role of either a Human or an Alien. The Humans are trying to save themselves by reaching the Escape Hatches. The Aliens seek to hunt down all the Humans. Each player’s identity and position is kept secret: you will need to interpret the movements and behaviors of the other players to learn who and where they really are.

EFTAIOS is the first commercial game I curated from concept to publishing. It was released in autumn 2010 at Essen Spieltage where was voted 10th best new game of the fair, out of more than four hundred. The game is now distributed in more than fifteen countries and five languages in regular and limited editions. EFTAIOS was one of the five titles shortlisted for the 2011 Diana Jones Award, the most prestigious award in boardgames.

On the official website we included two digital tools for creating and printing maps and alternative scenarios for the game that can be accessed for free.

The game was designed together with Mario Porpora, Luca Francesco Rossi and Nicolò Tedeschi.

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