Extravisual Space

My master’s degree thesis project is in the form of a board game for designers that want to make games that are accessible to the visually impaired.

This was the companion to my master’s thesis book on how to design games for the visually impaired. The main focus in the method I developed is designing for inclusion, to make games that are enjoyable together with sighted people.

The poster is designed as a real board game for authors that want to make accessible games, guiding them through the design process. At different stages in the process they are asked to use the cards, at first as a brainstorming/inspirational tool and later to address specific issues, e.g. in-game space navigation or how to manage multiplayer.

I never thought about actually making the tool public, if you are interested in getting it translated to English and distributing it or making it available as print-and-play please contact me.