The first ever Lunarcade event was in Milan in early 2011. We projected three independent games during a night with three different DJ sets. We rented a club for one night and welcomed two hundred guests that enjoyed DJ sets by Kazuma and UbiBroki and played all night wit our own Fotonica, Bohm by Monobanda (which became finalist for Nuovo Award at the Indie Game Festival 2011) and Neil Thapen’s Venus Patrol, which would later be the main inspiration for IGF chairman Brandon Boyer’s blog by the same name.

The second Lunarcade took place in Shanghai, China. We had six independent games from six different countries on display for six days. including Proteus, Way, At a Distance, and Chasing Aurora. Three of the games were Indiecade finalists and would later become nominees at the Indie Game Festival 2012. The show was originally on for 3 days and was extended for 3 more days, welcoming more than five-hundred visitors.

The third and last Lunarcade took place in Sydney, Australia in August 2012. We collaborated with Serial Space to showcase for an entire week a selection of experimental games. We had eight independent titles including the public debut of Zobeide, Memory of a Broken Dimension, Lifeless Planet,Thirty Flights of Loving, and Bientôt l’été by Tale of Tales. Many of these games went on to win international awards.

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